We understand that every advertisement is a long-term investment in the brand, which is why we offer a myriad of strategic advertising channels to our clients.

Strategy & Planning: Your most precious asset is your brand. In today’s world with such a fragmented media, it is imperative to strategize and plan the positioning of your brand in the most optimum manner possible. We, at adWINtage communications exercise meticulous care in providing you the best possible solution to your branding problems.
We undertake a holistic approach to create a universal and sustainable image of the brand that delivers the brand message loud and clear to the target audience.

Creative planning & Execution: The most lasting impression of your product/service brand will always be a visual one. So, it’s of utmost importance that the creatives and collaterals (posters, signs, displays, brochures, banners, etc.) are designed in such a way that they leave a powerful impact on the mind of the target audience. Our creative team works doubly hard to come up with creative concepts that are not only attractive and hard to miss but also convey the brand objective in a crisp and concise manner.

Media planning & buying: We source and select optimal media platforms for our client’s brand so that the preset marketing and campaigning objectives can be achieved. Our media plans ensure maximum reach as they are strategically placed across various medium depending upon the specific needs of the brand or product. The frequency of the ads, the budget and other variables are all taken care of so that you can get the best possible price for your ads irrespective of what medium the ad is being presented in.
We have a special team that is solely dedicated to media planning and buying so that you can reap the maximum benefits out of your investment.

Customer Profiling: A portrait of your potential customers is created to help you come to a decision on design choices suitable to your service. Basically, the target audience is broken down into groups sharing similar traits or requirements or characteristics and a media campaign is designed keeping these as guidelines.