The Evolution of the Work Desk

How our desk changed during past few years

We were really impressed with this interesting idea of reconstructing the office desks of 1980’s and comparing them with the desks of today. Earlier, working areas consisted of a number of items and tools to get work done. A fax machine, a telephone, staplers, paper clips, pens, pencils and lots of stationery items needed to get work done. Today’s work desk consists of a sleek laptop, a state-of-the-art smart phone and probably a huge cup of coffee. It’s funny how the clutter on the desk has decreased continually over the years and yet we’ve expanded our digital horizons to almost infinity. There are so many digital portals available for the storage of data, so need to have piles of files and folders you need to manually sort through for information any more. Communication avenues also know no bounds anymore. Gone are the times when business was carried out through handwritten letters or memos, this is the age of emails, Skype calls, Facebook and ‘pings’! No need of a Rolodex any more, all your business contacts are now saved through LinkedIn.

This clever video from the Harvard Innovation Lab explores that desktop evolution from the early ‘80s through today, visualizing each tool as it is recontextualized into the app-based equivalent we use now.

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